Omar Sweiss
Diversity Advocate and Founder & Chief Executive Officer at JusticeBid
I’ve been an entrepreneur all my life and decided to go to law school so I could be a better entrepreneur and, of course, save money by handling my own businesses’ legal needs, in-house. I couldn’t imagine having come to the point in life I am now, any other way.

Having spent 20 + years building businesses and investing in diverse opportunities, and a decade as in-house counsel for my company, I’ve lived by these principles: Trust, Servant, Teaching, and Learning.

Trust is paramount - above and beyond anything else. Every good businessperson knows that viewing a “deal” in a vacuum is short-sighted, as it is the trusting relationships born out of that “deal” that fuel lasting connections, self-fulfillment, and growth. Additionally, every good attorney knows that contracts only go so far, and that relationships built on trust are worth more than the best-written agreement.

Servant-leadership is the only way I know how to lead. I smile wistfully when I hear the phrase “scope creep” because of how important generosity is to me, both in business and in my personal life. Service of others is the heart of who I am, personally and professionally. For me, this value was born from my childhood upbringing and is deep-rooted in my faith. It gets me into trouble sometimes, and often causes me to work later into the evening than I planned to, in the name of going above and beyond for those I work with.

Teaching and learning is one of my highest callings. I have learned from many wonderful professors and mentors over the years, and currently teach evenings at Trinity Christian College to help shape my students’ academic, personal, and spiritual growth. My client relationships are based on this very same principle: I see our work together as a partnership that includes amazing technology but, more importantly, growth through knowledge sharing - and never simply as a transaction.

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